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Fro-Yo in DC

The nation’s capital boasts a diverse landscape of frozen yogurt establishments—some take a minimalist approach, like Sweetgreen, and others go all out with general zaniness, like the wild and crazy Mr. Yogato.



30 fro-yo flavors, locally roasted coffee, 8 self-serve stations, mad toppings—it all adds up to an unshakeable habit.

There are fans of fro-yo, and then there are the Fro•Zen•Yo faithful—so loyal, they don’t dare hold their cup up to any other soft-serve spigot. While some fro-yo operations get by with two flavors and a seemingly adventurous third, this Washington, DC-area franchise hawks everything from angel food cake and mint chocolate chip to seasonal finds, like maple bacon donut and egg nog. And to top it off—besides all the toppings—Fro•Zen•Yo also offers Zombie Coffee, roasted right here in DC, which means it’s perfectly acceptable to get your fro-yo along with your morning joe.



Outfitted with glowing, color-changing lights, Tangysweet is like hitting the club, but with a low-cal companion.

Forget the self-serve bar, Tangysweet plays club music and has its very own lounge and a sleek design suited for feeling that going-out vibe—whether in pajamas or your dancing shoes. When you think of coconut and fro-yo, you think of the shavings as a topping. Well here, it’s a flavor of fro-yo, and its tropical splendor in a dish with tasty shards of cocount. Burn off a few calories at the standing bar, while finishing off a cup tailored to your exact specifications.


The Georgetown (and Dupont) set feed their fro-yo fix on the offerings from this cross-continental franchise.

During the mid-aughts in Southern California, ground zero for fro-yo, a war of tangy cultures was being waged. Meet one of the winners: Pinkberry. Now boasting a constellation of outposts across the world, this operation’s flagship flavors (green tea, pomegranate and tart original) still stand among the best, while newer flavors, like salted caramel and Key lime, are hard to beat—especially after adding gummy bears or diced strawberries and mango into the mix.


If neighborhood bars subbed fro-yo for beer, Mr. Yogato would be the “Cheers.”

Taking its name from the Styx song "Mr. Robato," Mr. Yogato operates by its own set of rules. Example: Dress as Björn Borg while singing “I’m Too Sexy” here and you’ll score half-price fro-yo. Or, order a dish for 30 days straight and your name will grace one of the many rotating flavors. Check out all the fun rules. The shop also peddles just-as-creative yogurt flavors (see: pear-cinnamon, cappuccino and spiced chai), plus more than 50 toppings. Get a one-up here, too: An old school NES keeps eaters around for hours (and seconds).


A sustainability-conscious enterprise, locally launched Sweetgreen saw promise in pairing salads with tart fro-yo and it's paying off.

Salad still stuck in their teeth, customers head back up to the counter to finish off a healthful meal with an ideal dessert counterpart: organic fro-yo. Pick a flavor any flav—actually, there’s just one to choose from: tart. The no-frills, perfectly tangy and balanced mixture stands on its own as an enjoyable treat. And for what it lacks in toppings options, of which you get to pick three, it makes up for in quality: the strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are organic, too.