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Where to Picnic Near the Blossoms

With food in hand, head off to any of these solid picnic sites that offer great blossom-gazing potential.



See the tree that started it all, sit on a bench and eat up amongst the blissful blossoms.

There are many benches surrounding the tidal basin where one can nosh while taking in the pleasant vistas. One of the most favored spots is near the Japanese lantern and first cherry blossom tree planting, located just over Kutz Bridge in West Potomac Park.

The Jefferson Memorial peeks through the cherry blossoms, Washington DC's springtime signature.


Located along the Tidal Basin, the Jefferson Memorial is in the heart of all the cherry blossom trees.

Spot some of the best views of the cherry blossoms in and around the Jefferson Memorial. With your food close at hand, plop down on the steps of the memorial or a nearby bench where you’re bound to enjoy spectacular views of the blossom-lined Tidal Basin. Don’t forget to enjoy the memorial, too.


Take in some shade under the cover of cherry blossom trees in East Potomac Park.

There are many varieties of cherry blossom trees. Picnic in Hains Point, and you’re bound to see at least five different kinds of cherry blossom trees decorating the shores of East Potomac Park: Yoshino, Takesimensis, Kwanzan, Weeping and Afterglow. (Photo credit: Random Duck, Flickr)


Take a break from the blossoms and picnic in one of the National Mall’s hidden gems.

This under-the-radar memorial honors DC residents who served in World War I. Constructed out of marble, it offers prime shade and is a favorite among savvy picnickers for its dome shape, cool surface and off-the-beaten-path nature. (Photo credit: Adam Fagan, Flickr)