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Destination DC Sales & Services Staff

Meeting planners should contact the following Destination DC staff with questions.




Melissa Riley
VP, Convention Sales & Services
All Market Support

Director, Convention Sales & Services

Alexandra (Alex) Dietel
Senior Manager, In House Group
500-2,999 Association – Southeast
P: 202-789-7063 | C: 303-324-5295
alex.dietel [at] destinationdc.com

Nancy Umansky
National Sales Manager, Chicago Office
P: 312-226-1609 | C: 202-409-9583
nancy.umansky [at] destinationdc.com

Larissa Tishevskaya
Senior International Sales Manager
All Internationally Based Business
P: 703-965-6750
larissa.tishevskaya [at] destinationdc.com

Caroline Gardner, CMP
Senior National Sales Manager
5,500+ Assn/Corp-Nationwide
P: 202-789-7018 | C: 202-497-0465
caroline.gardner [at] destinationdc.com

Michelle Soto
National Sales Manager
3,000-5,499 Assn/Corp-East;
Tradeshow Market
P: 202-789-7011 | C: 202-409-6282
michelle.soto [at] destinationdc.com

Mike Jackson
National Sales Manager
501-5,499 Assn/Corp-West;
500+ Ethnic Assn/Religious
P: 202-789-7043 | C: 202-409-6573
mike.jackson [at] destinationdc.com

Mr. Dana Nearing
Convention Sales Manager
P: 202-789-7049 | C:
dana.nearing[at] destinationdc.com

Alison Ricketts
Convention Sales Manager
500-2,999 Assn-Mid-Atlantic/
P: 202-789-7029 | C: 202-491-7224
alison.ricketts [at] destinationdc.com

Sharmane Fernandez
Convention Sales Manager
50-500 SMERF/50-2,499 Gov’t/Union
P: 202-789-7021 | C: 202-369-0467
sharmane.fernandez [at] destinationdc.com

Eric Kincaid
Corporate Sales Manager
500-2,999 Corp-East/Assn-Southeast;
Pharma 200+
P: 202-789-7042 | C: 202-277-6726
eric.kincaid [at] destinationdc.com

Conference Sales Manager
50-499 Assn/Corp-East

Conference Sales Manager
50-499 Assn/Corp-Midwest/West

Shavonne Harding

Executive Meetings Manager
10-49 All Markets;
10-199 Pharma
P: 202-789-7073 | C: 202-744-4568
shavonne.harding [at] destinationdc.com

Clare Hogan
International Convention Development Coordinator
All Internationally Based Business
P: 202-789-7062 | C: 202-277-6726
clare.hogan [at] destinationdc.com

Priscilla Alvarez

International Convention Sales Assistant
P: 202-789-7067
priscilla.alvarez [at] destinationdc.com

Michelle Petrelli

Executive Sales Coordinator
P: 202-789-7026
Michelle.petrelli [at] destinationdc.com

Lanice Dudley

Convention Sales Assistant
P: 202-789-7019
lanice.dudley [at] destinationdc.com

Eric Lancet

Convention Sales Assistant
P: 202-789-7005
eric.lancet [at] destinationdc.com

John Sklencar

Executive Meetings Manager
P: 202-789-7005
john.sklencar [at] destinationdc.com


Gabrielle Donchez

Convention Sales Assistant
P: 202-789-7004
gabrielle.donchez [at] destinationdc.com



Dianna Waldroup

Director of Convention Services
6,001+ peak rooms
O: 202-789-7036
dianna.waldroup [at] destinationdc.com

Monique Russell

Convention Services Manager
1,501-6,000 peak rooms
O: 202-789-7028
C: 202-439-4910
monique.russell [at] destinationdc.com

Allison Doherty

Convention Services Manager
1,501-6,000 peak rooms
O: 202-789-7044
allison.doherty [at] destinationdc.com

Tabatha Gilmore

10-1,500 peak rooms and Sports Market
Conference Services Manager
O: 202-789-7045
C: 202-246-2868
tabatha.gilmore [at] destinationdc.com

Kristen Jacob

Housing Manager
O: 202-789-7094
kristen.jacob [at] destinationdc.com

Mary Awosika

Registration Manager
O: 202-789-7032
C: 941-224-4463
mary.awosika [at] destinationdc.com

Teri Akpovi

Convention Services Coordinator
O: 202-789-7070
teri.akpovi [at] destinationdc.com