Checkmate provides deployable security assets that create hardened perimeters designed to enforce and prevent unauthorized access. This includes slowing or mitigating vehicle borne threats and the transfer of weapons to individuals who have already gone through security checkpoints.

Our experienced security staff provides a wide array of deployable, tactical security services for clients, including anti-scaling fencing, magnetometers, bike rack, generators, portable lighting, mobile delta barricades, concrete barricades, motorcade, magnetometer and K9 tenting, line of sight lighting countermeasures, threat assessments, executive protection and development of emergency action plans. Checkmate is comprised of former White House Advance Staff, Production Specialists and Law Enforcement Officers who are uniquely experienced at coordinating and deploying tactical security assets in high threat environments.

We also specialize in providing training and consulting services that include risk assessments for events, businesses, organizations, and critical infrastructure.

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