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LTC Language Solutions

Meeting the language and cultural needs of organizations since 1993. LTC offers a full range of services to all types of industries, organizations, and government agencies.

Language training is customized for key personnel learning English or any world language. LTC's unique inquiry-based methodology is student-focused, communicative, and provides immediate results that motivate learners to be active participants in the target language.

Cross-cultural training is designed for groups of employees seeking increased efficiency in their global business interactions. This training gives participants a better understanding of how specific cultural values and communication styles affect day-to-day life and business.

Written translations of manuals, training materials, handbooks, sales and marketing materials, websites, contracts, administrative forms, video subtitling, voice-overs, and localization of media content. Quality is ensured through utilizing only human translators who are native speakers of the target language.

Oral interpreting (including American Sign Language) for all types of meetings, consultations, appointments, orientations, trainings, conventions, etc., Interpreting is available 24/7 and is offered onsite, by phone, or by video. Modes of interpreting include simultaneous, consecutive, escort, and whisper interpreting. Equipment and technical support are handled by LTC when the situation calls for it.

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