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Metro Teleproductions Inc.

You all know something will happen! It's a live event! It's just a matter of experience in how prepared you are to handle these scenarios, to make everything seamless to the client as well as to the audience.
This dream team partners with your team and take care of the technical aspects of your show. They are not an AV company, they produce. Understanding what everything is supposed to cost and negotiating with vendors or sourcing elsewhere; whatever it takes to budget!

Metro Teleproductions Inc.'s specialty is Corporate Theater. They fill an important need for your clients; Technical Direction and production of some of the most important sessions during the conference. Companies put major resources behind the production of the plenary sessions and they want to make sure they are orchestrated beautifully in a cost effective way.

They work with your event team to make sure all of the programs deliver the most impact to your audience. Their team is your technical eyes and ears, making sure your clients needs are covered and that the crew works together as a team to deliver the highest quality product.

This team creates pre and post event content, direct live content and delivers the content created in the most technical and visually appealing way. For any aspect of your event that involves technology, they are your go-to producers. Their team has multitudes of experience in Live Events, TV Productions and theater. They are well equipped and prepared for any scenario.

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