MONATions United 2018
Washington, DC Welcomes MONATions United 2018 • September 6-8, 2018

Our annual conference, MONATions United 2018, is being held this year on September 6-8 in Washington, D.C., one of the world’s leading destinations for travel and tourism. As MONAT Market Partners, we are riding the  biggest wave of momentum ever felt in the hair care industry. And it all comes together at MONATions United! This is one event you simply can’t miss. Thousands of you from across the globe are coming together to reap the benefits of high-powered networking, innovative team building, renowned industry-leading speakers, inspiring motivation, top-tier training, grand announcements and surprises, and the famed Dream Bigger Gala! And let’s not forget the fun! This event is literally like having a dream come true in a city designed to enchant, with unique venues, stunning sites, award-winning cuisine and hundreds of free things to do. Importantly, MONATions will have a substantial impact on your business! On average, those who attend this kind of event can expect to see a 20% increase in business compared to those who don’t. So come experience the event of a lifetime!