Large Groups/Group Travel

Large Groups/Group Travel: Big or small, all groups are welcome in DC.

How Can I Tour The White House?

Requesting a tour Touring the White House requires some advance planning. Public tour requests must be made through your member of Congress (find your member of Congress and contact information here ) and submitted up to six months in advance and no less than 21 days prior to your visit. If you...

The White House
How Do I Tour the Capitol Building and See Congress in Session?

The U.S. Capitol is one of the most recognizable buildings in the world. The story of its construction parallels the growth of a nation. The iconic Capitol Building remains an evolving space where visitors can see democracy in action. Currently, parts of the building, including the Dome, are...

Best Bets for Group Get-Togethers

Dining out doesn’t always involve a petite party of two. Whether you’re in town with a tour group, celebrating with a large group of pals, or scheduling a team meeting over a meal, these restaurants are pros at accommodating a crowd.s If you’re downtown: For solid American fare in a central...

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