Upper Northwest

The Neighborhood of Cathedrals, Estates, and Wining and Dining

9 Things to See & Do in Upper Northwest

Upper Northwest is where Washingtonians live and play. Leafy, livable neighborhoods including Glover Park, Tenleytown and Friendship Heights offer both tourist attractions like the National Cathedral and lures like bars, restaurants and shopping.

Washington National Cathedral Exterior
Visiting the Washington National Cathedral

Stained-glass windows, Gothic spires and flying buttresses make the Washington National Cathedral look ages old, but the grand church was actually constructed during the 20th century. Though overseen by the Episcopal Church, the house of worship welcomes people of all faiths to its impressive site...

National Cathedral Exterior
The Best Places to Eat in Upper Northwest

As you explore DC’s Upper Northwest neighborhoods, you’ll discover tree-lined streets and family homes, as the city’s urban vibe turns suburban. Friendship Heights, Glover Park and Tenleytown can all be found in Upper Northwest, and attractions like Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens and the...

Diners at Casolare - Places to Eat in Glover Park - Washington, DC
8 Places to Shop in Upper Northwest DC

Retail in Upper Northwest ranges from the big-name, big-budget department stores and boutiques on Wisconsin Avenue NW to locally owned shops on Connecticut Avenue NW.

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