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Green Meetings in DC

How to get the most out of an eco-conscious capital city


The nation’s capital sets a leading example among cities committed to sustainability and eco-conscious practices. In fact, Washington, DC is home to the greatest number of green-certified buildings in the country. According to SustainableDC, the city is also tops on a slew of other rankings, from green power use among U.S. cities to solar density among U.S. states.

The commitment to sustainability isn’t just part of the city’s infrastructure and power supply, but also part of locals’ everyday lives. In 2008, Washington, DC was the first major American city to launch a citywide, European-style bike sharing program, which has since flourished.

DC is a veritable haven for the eco-friendly traveler and meeting planner. If you’re looking to go green while visiting or planning an event in DC, check out our green venues and services.

Green Meeting Tips

  • Choose a venue with water filtration system, allows to cut down on plastic bottles
  • Place recycling canisters in each meeting space and common area
  • Work with a caterer that donates or composts left over food
  • Provide meeting and session information electronically
  • Reduce paper use by printing on both sides of page
  • Use video/electronic presentations instead of printed materials

How can Destination DC help?

  • We can provide:
    • Walking maps of Washington DC
    • High resolution Metro map
    • Contact information for green transportation, accommodations, etc.
    • A digital copy of our event planning guide
    • A digital copy of our visitors guide
    • Online based Wishbook, to keep track of activities/attractions you want to see/do during your stay in DC
    • Access to application builders for your meeting/conference; and
    • Access to mobile charging station suppliers and those who have interactive kiosks for meetings.