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Dupont Circle Shopping

Readers, vintage hunters and spa junkies will love Dupont's second hand, boutique accessory and beauty shops.



Find rare, boutique beauty products and test them in the store's spa.

This beauty and spa retail chain originally began in Georgetown before spreading around the country, when cosmetics could only be purchased at drug and department stores. Now, you can find rare products by Laura Mercier and Trish McEvoy. The fun part about shopping at the Bluemercury store, as opposed to online, is that you can treat yourself in the store's spa while testing products. After all, there's nothin' like an oxygenating facial to refresh you after a busy week away from home.

Located in Dupont Circle, grab coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks while leafing through an enormous collection of books.


Grab coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks while leafing through an enormous collection of books.

This place isn't just an independent bookstore, it's a hangout. You could easily live at this Washington institution circa 1976 for a day: just grab coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks while leafing through an enormous collection of books. If you're looking for good, old-fashioned ice cream, they've got that too. The “dysfunctional family sundae” is a massive brownie soaked in amaretto with several toppings; it's best enjoyed a safe distance away from a book you haven't paid for yet. Plan ahead to get in on beer and wine tasting events with brewers and vintners. (Photo credit: William H. Dempsey, III)


A one-stop for feminine, whimsical accessories, Proper Topper also hosts fun monthly events.

What began as a hat shop is now a one-stop for all feminine, whimsical and often funky things girls love. You'll find stuff you didn't know you needed – a hanging terrarium, recycled sari clutch, or bold brushed brass coral earrings (everything has a story – ask store staff how it got there). Proper Topper also hosts fun monthly events; past events included a bonnet trimming for girls and boys with pony rides, a seersucker social, and a Christine A. Moore trunk show.


Everything in this consignment store specializing in women's clothing and accessories is good as new.

Attention vintage lovers and bargain hunters: this is the best women's clothing consignment store in D.C. That's because this cozy shop is particularly picky about their inventory: everything is good as new, and clothing must be no older than two years. From Chanel to Kate Spade to Prada to Miss Sixty to Anthropologie to Vuitton, you'll likely find it here, and you'll snag them at rock bottom prices during seasonal sales in February and August.