Travelers Aid

Travelers Aid Washington, DC, a non-profit organization, operates help desks at Union Station, Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airports; providing tourism information, directions, emergency transportation assistance and social casework to travelers. Its services are free of charge.

Our volunteers - in iconic blue blazers - provide travel courtesy, hospitality and up-to-the-minute information to ensure a pleasant travel experience.

Travelers Aid volunteers help with and provide answers to questions about connections at the airports and train stations, local transportation options, hotels, and area tourism. We stand at the gateways for international and domestic travelers to the region, and provide a friendly face and hospitality that shapes the positive visitor experience. We're also there when a travel crisis occurs to help ease the journey. Travelers Aid has been in continuous operation in Washington, DC for 100 years.

Metro Station
Union Station
5000 Sunnyside Ave. Suite 103
Beltsville, MD 20705

(202) 546-1127 / (202) 546-9112 fax or info () travelersaid ! org