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Career Opportunities at Destination DC

Destination DC's Mission

Destination DC (DDC) will take a dynamic leadership and visionary role to successfully market Washington, DC as premier global meetings, tourism and special events destination. Through the development and execution of integrated marketing, communications, sales and research efforts, Destination DC will generate revenues and economic benefits to the Washington, DC community, industry stakeholders and Events DC.


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Our Core Values

The DDC team will embrace and follow its core values:

  • Inclusiveness and diversity
  • Responsive service
  • Professional development
  • Transparent accountability
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Professional standards and best practices
  • Community and resource sustainability
  • Collaboration and alliance building

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DDC Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Mission

We welcome all employees and staff with open arms and are committed to retaining, hiring, developing, and promoting diverse talent. We recognize and celebrate cultural differences within our organization by establishing opportunities for education and allyship. Our efforts are to promote a company culture rooted in acceptance and belonging. As frontrunners within our community, we strive to empower and support underrepresented communities (i.e. minorities, women, LGBTQIA) in order to enlighten and bring transformation across race, cultural, and generational boundaries.

Staff Outings, Seminars and Educational Workshops

Employee Testimonials

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"I love working at Destination DC (DDC) because we fundamentally have an inspiring mission to bring people together and encourage them to experience our Nation’s Capital. The purpose behind what we do is what motivates me to do my job. However, our leadership team has created a culture that promotes individual value and a strong community that stays with you the moment you become part of the DDC family. I left the organization to pursue career advancement, but the team continued to cheer me on from a distance, and ultimately lead me to find my way back to this amazing organization. DDC is definitely ingrained in me, and anyone that joins this organization absolutely builds skills and a network to succeed here and wherever their career/future may take them." – John , Sklencar, Convention Sales Manager

Destination DC is a fun place to work with very friendly and supportive coworkers. Besides that, DDC also focuses on helping their employees grow in their professional career. As a graphic designer, I am able to work on a wide range of fun projects that are not just limited to print and digital but also motion graphics. I am excited to grow my career with DDC and I am looking forward to many years ahead."  – Huyen Mac, Graphic Designer

DDC Staff at Travel Rally 2022
Zoe chatting with members at DDC open house 2022

"Working for Destination DC (DDC) is easy to do. From high school internships through AEF, through college with scholarship opportunities and an apprenticeship, and even now, sending me to earn my Tourism Marketing Professional certification, DDC has invested in my professional development every step of the way. The organization walks the walk and is genuinely committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and its people! When it comes from the top down, it's evident in the day-to-day in and out of the office. DDC has an impact on everyone who works here - anyone would be lucky to join the team!" – Zoe Roberts, Membership Manager

DDC Employee Resources Groups

  • Employee Action Committee
  • Sustainability Taskforce
  • DEI Activation Committee
  • Book Club
  • Movie Club
  • Fashion and Self-Care Club


Convention Sales and Services DDC Staff at Open House
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