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Bidding Tools

How does it all work? Here’s a breakdown of a typical conference bid process.

Bid Process

  1. Call for proposals / next “open year” communicated
  2. Interest expressed either by members of association or cities
  3. Bidder qualifying (evaluation of bidder/city)
  4. Bid manual/guidelines/rules are made available to bidding cities
  5. Bid created
  6. Bid submitted
  7. Site inspections
  8. Evaluations and short lists announced
  9. Detailed site inspections and negotiations
  10. Revised bids submitted
  11. Formal bid presentations
  12. Final short list and final negotiations
  13. Decision made and announced
  14. Feedback to losing cities
  15. Sign contract or letter of agreement

Want to discuss a potential bid or association you’re involved in? Contact Tara Miller to learn more.

How to Utilize a CVB for Bid Support
Have you ever considered chairing or supporting a bid to host a conference? Or, perhaps you are already involved in organizing a future meeting in Washington, DC? Destination DC is here to assist as a FREE resource! 

What is a CVB?
A Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is a not-for-profit organization charged with representing a specific destination and typically funded by hotel occupancy taxes. CVBs facilitate access for conference and meeting planners to a wide range of services within their destinations, including but not limited to: checking hotel and meeting space availability, arranging site inspections, and connecting planners to expert local service providers.

What Is the Advantage of Using a CVB?
CVBs help planners save time and money with several meeting planning services. CVBs employ sales professionals who serve as destination experts and advise planners on the appropriate hotels, meeting and convention facilities, and other unique meeting locations within the destination. On behalf of the planners’ needs, the CVB contact researches price and availability of guest rooms and meeting space for the specific or range of dates free of charge. In addition to site selection services, CVBs may also provide site inspections, local business referrals, promotional brochures, registration staffing, housing services, and attendance promotions. 

Our Convention Sales and Services Team Provides Customized Assistance for Meetings of All Sizes.
Find a city that serves as a partner, not just a contact. When you book an event in Washington, DC, Destination DC is here every step of the way. 

What Destination DC Provides:

  • Connections to 1,000+ Destination DC members and help identifying the best partners to meet your needs
  • Guidance in sourcing and selecting a hotel or venue for all requirements and budgets
  • Supplying key destination information and insights to make an informed decision
  • Sharing marketing resources for pitching the destination
  • Putting you in touch with other organizers who have had a successful experience in hosting events

Bid Support
You have the access and field expertise. We have the market knowledge and bid experience. Together, we can create a powerful program for identifying, pursuing, and winning major meetings and conventions for Washington, DC. Our bid support includes the following:

  • Reviewing and consulting on bid guidelines and strategy
  • Obtaining history or insights from previous host cities
  • Sourcing venues and hotels that best suit the requirements
  • Preparing custom bid books, presentations, and other support materials that position Washington, DC as an attractive destination choice
  • Obtaining letters of support
  • Introducing suppliers or a Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) to assist with preparing budgets, estimates, and fundraising sources as required for bids
  • Enhancing a bid pitch with destination marketing materials and on-site support in some cases