Bidding Tools

Walter E Washington Convention Center AIPAC Meeting 2016 - Washington DC

Here’s a breakdown of the entire bid process

Bid Process

  1. Call for proposals / next “open year” communicated
  2. Interest expressed either by members of association or cities
  3. Bidder qualifying (evaluation of bidder/city)
  4. Bid manual/guidelines/rules are made available to bidding cities
  5. Bid created
  6. Bid submitted
  7. Site inspections
  8. Evaluations and short lists announced
  9. Detailed site inspections and negotiations
  10. Revised bids submitted
  11. Formal bid presentations
  12. Final short list and final negotiations
  13. Decision made and announced
  14. Feedback to losing cities
  15. Sign contract or letter of agreement

Want to discuss a potential bid or association you’re involved in? Contact cody [at] (Cody Jameson) to learn more.

We can help

You have the access. We have the market knowledge and expertise. Together, we can create a powerful program for identifying, pursuing and winning a major meeting or convention for Washington, DC. We can provide support, including:

  • Providing research assistance to help identify potential events and timing
  • Supplying key destination and facility information needed to influence the site decision
  • Assisting with preparing budgets, accessing supplier estimates and identifying funding sources as required for convention bids
  • Preparing custom materials and presentations that position Washington, DC as an attractive destination choice
  • Putting you in touch with other local professional and business leaders who have had a successful experience in hosting events
  • Supporting your participation in forums where site decisions are made