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Everything You Need to Know About the Ambassador Circle

Welcome to the Ambassador Circle!

Why Should I Become an Ambassador?

As a respected city leader, you can join our efforts:

  • Work with the Destination DC team and fellow ambassadors to identify and secure potential meetings and events in your field that could be hosted in Washington, DC.

  • Promote the importance of international conventions to the growth and development of local industry, research and development in your organization and community.

  • Endorse Washington, DC as a hub for international congresses in key industry sectors that are thriving here such as technology, medical, biotech/pharma, education, sustainability, transportation and government advocacy.

  • Create awareness of Destination DC’s services to assist with bidding for international events. 

Opportunities for Members

Washington, DC has always been an inspirational meeting place for leaders and innovators, from presidents and prime ministers to scholars and researchers. As an influential member of the Ambassador Circle attracting high-profile meetings and conventions, you can help raise our city’s profile in fields like technology, medicine, research and business development. We create opportunities for Ambassador Circle members to engage with international experts and cutting-edge researchers as they network with colleagues and counterparts from around the globe.

Impactful Benefits

  • Community Engagement

    • Showcase your involvement in an international bid by elevating your institution, association or company from a global perspective.

    • Benefit from bid support, promotional assistance, financial analysis and educational forums with other high-profile experts in their field.

  • Personal Recognition

    • Elevate your profile of personal achievements, contributions to the local community and commitment as a member.

    • Build a legacy for your organization and industry.

  • Networking

    • Shape your professional network and engage in high-level peer-to-peer networking.

    • Attend exclusive events, social engagements and luncheons with inspirational speakers and government officials.

Take Action

Major events like meetings and conventions leave a lasting legacy in the host community. When you help secure them, they are an ongoing source of personal satisfaction and advancement. If you are in a position to put your relationships to work for your community and colleagues, we can provide the details you need.

One call to us will do it – and the result could be a wealth of benefits for yourself, your organization and your city. Contact Tara Miller.