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Everything You Need to Know About the Ambassador Circle

Walter E Washington Convention Center AIPAC marketplace - Washington DC

Let Washington, DC move you forward

The Ambassador Circle helps make international meetings in Washington, DC a reality. Meetings and conventions mean progress, wherever they are taking place. And for a destination like Washington, DC, with so many institutions and organizations of global importance, that reality takes on a whole new meaning thanks to the Ambassador Circle.

How Washington, DC benefits

As a host community, Washington, DC benefits directly from the major meetings and conventions that take place here.

International events attract global expertise, benefiting local professionals and business interests. They create a positive profile for Washington, DC in critical areas like technology, medicine, research and business development. They enable local organizations to host and interact with colleagues from around the world.

At the same time, they generate significant financial benefits from the spending delegates bring into the community as part of attending their events.

You have a role to play

Major meetings and conventions typically rotate through different locations based on where their membership is located. As a Washington, DC based professional or business leader, you are likely a member of one or more associations or corporations with national or international linkages. If so, you are well positioned to help us attract their events to Washington, DC and work with us in hosting those colleagues right here in your own city.

These meeting benefit the community, but also deliver significant benefits to you.

What's in it for you?

Countless examples have shown that the individuals who play a key role in winning and subsequently hosting a major event in their city experience a great deal of satisfaction from a legacy of benefits. There are also personal and organizational benefits that make it worthwhile, including:

Events build a greater profile for you and your profession or business area within the host community

Successful events can result in attractive financial benefits for the host organization

Relationships are created that can result in long-term advantages for the key organizers, often in a global forum  

Local recognition that can enhance personal and business prospects and lead to long term, satisfying community roles

Hometown pride and satisfaction in exposing national and international colleagues to your city

We can help

You have the access. We have the market knowledge and expertise. Together, we can create a powerful program for identifying, pursuing and winning a major meeting or convention for Washington, DC. We can provide support, including:

Providing research assistance to help identify potential events and timing

Supplying key destination and facility information needed to influence the site decision

Assisting with preparing budgets, accessing supplier estimates and identifying funding sources as required for convention bids

Preparing custom materials and presentations that position Washington, DC as an attractive destination choice

Putting you in touch with other local professional and business leaders who have had a successful experience in hosting events

Supporting your participation in forums where site decisions are made

Helping you shape and secure the program activities and local support that will be necessary to host the event.

There's a lot to be proud of

One of the greatest benefits to securing a meeting within your industry in DC is the confidence you can have that our facilities, services and destination attributes are world-class – and that they will deliver a product you can be proud of against any competitor world wide.

Our major convention facility – the Walter E. Washington Convention Center – is globally recognized as one of the most attractive and accommodating convention venues anywhere in the world. Add to that the high quality of accommodation and the wide variety of dining, shopping and entertainment options Washington, DC offers and you have a combination that delegates will be talking about for years to come.

Take action

Major events like meetings and conventions leave a lasting legacy in the host community. When you help secure them, they are an ongoing source of personal satisfaction and advancement. If you are in a position to put your relationships to work for your community and colleagues, we can provide the details you need.

One call to us will do it – and the result could be a wealth of benefits for yourself, your organization and your city. priscilla.alvarez [at] (Get in touch).