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Sustainability District

Investing in People, Purpose and Place

Saving the planet is not a spectator sport and the hospitality industry can be a force for good, acting as changemakers to adopt more sustainable practices and experiences for visitors.
Destination DC (DDC) supports Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Sustainable DC 2.0 initiative, which has the goal of making DC the “healthiest, greenest, most livable city.” DDC encourages our partners and members to join in our commitment to leaving a positive social, economic and environmental legacy.
DDC's Sustainability District program is DC's gateway for working with businesses and destination suppliers throughout the hospitality industry committed to promoting a more sustainable place to live, visit and meet. The program is open to DDC members, including hotels; museums, attractions and shops; restaurants and catering companies; transportation companies and tour operators and venues.  Not a member? Learn more about membership.



Understanding that the choices of our industry have a lasting effect on the local community, DDC aims to:

  • Raise awareness of DDC members' existing sustainable efforts.
  • Inspire DDC members to make sustainable choices and changes that impact the overall social, economic and environmental health of Washington, DC.
  • Recognize the impact sustainability has on our community's health, safety, wellness, diversity and equity.
  • Share resources and best practices. 
  • Cultivate and leverage messaging of sustainable tourism. 
  • Help visitors, planners and partners identify businesses that are best suited to provide sustainable services to their clients. 
  • Support the city's initiatives and goals toward a more sustainable, equitable and responsibly managed place to live, visit and meet. 


In working toward these goals, members will receive from DDC:

  • Information, tools, opportunities and professional networking to help members understand what sustainability is, why you should be interested, how to get started and what a sustainable organization looks like.
  • Use of a special logo to identify your business as a Sustainability District member.
  • Exposure to editorial and owned content related to sustainable travel and meetings.
  • Recognition of your business’s sustainability efforts. 

Your Commitment

In order to be recognized through the Sustainability District, a business must:

  • Satisfy the minimum number of criteria in its respective category.
  • Attend an annual sustainability training led by DDC.
  • Attend at least one of DDC’s semi-annual Sustainability Roundtable events each year.
  • Improve their offerings and services for residents and visitors in ways that advance environmental protection, equity and economic development for the long term.


Recognition through DDC’s Sustainability District is free to DDC members. Learn more about membership.

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