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FAQ: Where can I store my belongings during a White House Tour?

The White House

Leave your things at the hotel, or use public storage

Rules of White House tours

Touring the White House is one of the most memorable and quintessential DC experiences for visitors and locals alike. (Note: White House tours must be booked well in advance. For information on how to book a tour, visit our White House tours FAQ page).

It is important to note that security at the White House is extremely high and visitors are not permitted to bring bags of any kind (this includes purses and backpacks) or strollers. It is best to carry your ID and any other necessity items in your pockets. Before entering the White House you’ll show your ID and go through a metal detector.

If your hotel is nearby, we suggest leaving your belongings in your room during the tour. If this is not possible, there are a few other options. You can designate one member of your tour group to hold everyone’s belongings. That person can take the self-guided tour once his or her group has finished the tour.

You can also store your belongings at the baggage lockers at Union Station. These are located near Gate A. Lockers are available from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. A photo ID is required and lockers must be paid for via cash or credit in advance. Rates are $3-$6 per hour per bag depending on the size of your bag ($11 per hour for more than 3 bags). For questions on bag storage, please call Tiburon Lockers at 202-898-1592.

Recording Devices on White House tours

Among the items that are not permitted on White House tours are video recorders, tripods (and selfie sticks!). Smartphones and compact cameras with a lens no longer than three inches are permitted for taking photos. Video recording, flash photography, texting and talking is not allowed on Smartphones while touring the White House.

There are no storage facilities at or near the White House and guests with bags, video recorders and other prohibited items will be turned away at security.

Visit the White House official tours and events page for more information.