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$25 Off Urban Adventures at Rorschach Theatre

Valid From: Now - January 31, 2021

Rorschach Theatre is offering $25 Off DISTANCE FREQUENCIES--An 8-Chapter Urban Adventure Experience.

DISTANCE FREQUENCIES harnesses the power of the built and the natural world to create a visceral piece of immersive storytelling. Each month you'll receive a map and instructions to travel to a new curated location in the DC area. Along with the map, you’ll receive a box of artifacts to bring with you. Go any time, alone or with quarantine-mates. Whenever you arrive, you’ll open your box and explore the story elements inside–letters, music, souvenirs, or photos. From now through April, each box reveals a new location and a new chapter in the ongoing story.

The experience culminates in a full production of a site-specific show in July with outdoor, distanced (or whatever the world requires) performances.

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Redemption Instructions
Visit, follow the link to subscribe and enter the code "DDC" at check out for $25 off your purchase.
$25-off discount applies only to full-season subscriptions.