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At LINK Strategic Partners, we specialize in helping our clients build mutually beneficial partnerships with local communities and other critical stakeholders. LINK prepares marketing and branding campaigns that grab the attention of the target audience and drive consumer engagement. We offer proven, customized strategies to not only respond to consumer needs, but also cultivate community buy in and government support.

Nearly all community relations challenges can be met with a clear vision and strategic approach. LINK specializes in listening and responding to community input while delivering consistent messages that advance well-defined client goals. We help build awareness, deepen understanding, encourage involvement, and spark enthusiasm among key stakeholders—until our clients’ vision achieves the broad-based buy-in it requires. We aim for more than merely relieving tension and overcoming obstacles; we help our clients earn enduring community trust and support.

Many firms can advertise the good things their clients do, but simply touting good works won’t build strong relationships. Instead of telling everyone that our clients are good neighbors, LINK helps them to be good neighbors. We also know that achieving positive community relations is a journey, not a destination. We will work with your communications team to shape an internal culture and permanent system that supports positive stakeholder engagement for years to come.

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