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Washington Auto Show

Washington Auto Show

Reasons to Attend the 2023 Washington Auto Show

The annual car showcase will rock downtown Washington, DC for 10 days this winter.

Cars are cool. America has been fascinated with these vehicles since the days of the Model T, and boy, how far we’ve come since then. This statement’s accuracy will be evident when you visit the 2023 Washington Auto Show, held Jan. 20-29 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Even if you’re not a car aficionado, there are still plenty of reasons to purchase tickets to this extravaganza, which is the city's largest annual indoor event.


New Show Programming

New features such as the Get Outdoors Pavilion, the On The Go Hall and the Commercial Truck Zone add to the customized experience all guests can enjoy, no matter their lifestyle or choice of mobility.


Top Automakers on Display

Displays from Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Subaru, Kia and many more will fill the 750,000-square-foot convention center, providing show attendees with plenty to admire.


The Future is Electric

Catering to the growing electric mobility market and its high-hitting demand, the EV pavilion is designed to educate show visitors on what the future of mobility looks like while allowing them to browse electric vehicles, charging stations, three-wheel “fun utility vehicles,” electric buses, E-Bikes and even an electric hovercraft.


Outdoor EV Test Drive

Pepco EVSmart presents an outdoor EV ride n’ drive where you can test-drive an all-electric vehicle on the streets of DC. The ride ‘n drive is free with your general admission ticket.


Toyota Pulls Out the Stops

Toyota will have three exhibit spaces sprinkled in and around the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, including a large display located at the front of Hall D, an exclusive Outdoor Ride & Drive on the L Street Bridge and the all-new Toyota Tundra Pull in the Get Outdoors exhibit space.


Hyundai's Indoor Track

Forget about sitting in a static car. Experience the all-new Hyundai Test Track. Surrounding Hyundai’s exhibit space will be an engaging and interactive area that allows show guests to get behind the wheel of one of their progressive models and feel power and performance first-hand.



Partnering with Automotive Rhythms, a trendsetting urban automotive media group, ART-of-Motion is a design experience that befits the culture and imagination of the DC metro area. The extensive display will consist of experiential graphics, painted automobiles in real-time, custom motorcycles, luxury exotics, dynamic murals and local artist exhibits.



E-Bikes will take center stage at the 2023 show. Experience the mode of mobility that is rapidly growing in popularity, exclusively from ElectriCityBikes. You can even take an E-Bike for a spin at the ElectriCityBikes Test Track in the EV Pavilion.


Arcimoto Test Track

On the indoor Arcimoto Test Track, experience the all-electric Arcimoto FUV, a new form-factor EV. The new look of mobility is built for everyday driving as it transforms commutes into pure electric joyrides, complete with a panoramic roof, removable doors and heated seats.


Subaru Loves Pets

Subaru is teaming up with local animal shelters to help loving shelter dogs find a good home. The adoption event is a part of the Subaru Loves Pets initiative.

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