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Big Bus Tours Washington, DC

Visitors on a Big Bus Tour in front of the Lincoln Memorial - Things to do in Washington, DC

Motorcoach Guide & Parking Regulations

Important information for motorcoach operators and drivers.

In response to safety, security and preservation requirements, the Capitol Police and the Department of Motor Vehicles have enacted several regulations that cover permitting and traffic flow for motor coaches.

Motorcoaches are precluded from traveling within certain locations on and around the grounds of the U.S. Capitol and utilizing many of the residential streets in the Capitol Hill Historic District. Motorcoach operators are also required to have apportioned plates or obtain permits for operation in the District. For up-to-date information on all motorcoach news, information and regulations, visit For additional resources, visit the links below:

For more information regarding bus travel in Washington, DC, email Lindsay Hill or reach her by phone at 202-789-7088.

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