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Social Media Tips for Convention Attendees in Washington, DC

4 Social Media Tips for Convention Attendees in Washington, DC

Engage with Destination DC and the city on social media like a pro with these helpful hashtags, accounts, apps and more.

Between the national landmarks, the award-winning dining scene and the vibrant mix of national and international cultures, DC is an exciting and unique meetings destination! With so much to see and do, here’s how to stay tuned in on social media so you don’t miss a thing:


Use the #DCcoolMeetings Hashtag

From unique views to amazing speakers, DC is one of the world’s premier meetings destinations. Use the #DCcoolMeetings hashtag and share what you love about your DC meeting.


Have some free time? Discover #MyDCcool

Search the #MyDCcool hashtag on Instagram for ideas of what to do outside of the hotel or convention center, including great places to eat, monumental experiences on the Mall and the best kept secrets in the city. And make sure to tag your experiences #MyDCcool.


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