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5 Pokémon Go Tips to Become the Very Best in Washington, DC

Pokémon Go - Washington, DC

From where to capture Pokémon to finding your local gym, here’s what you need to know

Since launching, the mobile game Pokémon Go has become a viral sensation, and that couldn’t be more true anywhere than in the nation’s capital. As one of the most walkable cities in the U.S., Washington, DC is primed for the free-to-download, augmented reality game in which users stroll the streets in search of capturing adorable Pokémon or battling to control the various gyms scattered throughout the city.

The National Mall is crawling with the adorable digital critters (plus lots of trainers looking to add to their collections), and you’ll also find more Pokémon inside restaurants, museums and other attractions around the city. Get a leg up on the competition and follow these tips when playing Pokémon Go in Washington, DC.

Pokémon Go - Tips to Become the Very Best - Washington, DC

1 Go to the National Mall to capture Pokémon

There’s no better place in the city to find your favorite type of Pokémon than on the National Mall. With 150 different characters to add to your Pokédex, you “gotta catch ‘em all.” Collect as many as you can so you can transfer them to Professor Willow, and level up in no time. 

2 Gather all your Pokémon supplies at various Pokéstops throughout the city

In order to be the best, you need to collect Pokéballs, potions and eggs. You’ll discover various Pokéstops to do just that on almost every block throughout DC, including well-known attractions, like the International Spy Museum, to lesser-known spots.

3 Become a Washington, DC expert

As you visit Pokéstops and gyms throughout the city, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about Washington, DC. Make sure you read the descriptions at each Pokéstop to find out about local history and culture in our nation’s capital. Some of the coolest Pokéstops where you can grow your DC knowledge are Neighborhood Heritage Trails. And, per usual, make sure to continue catching Pokémon along the way. 

4 Get out, walk around and hatch your eggs

As any trainer knows, the more you walk, the quicker your eggs will hatch. Considering Washington, DC was recently named the second most walkable city in the nation, reducing that incubation time should come easy. Get walking and your eggs will hatch in no time. Here are 10 popular spots to walk and run in DC.

5 Level your Pokémon up and get ready to battle at gyms, found at many major attractions

At level 5, it’s time to pick your team: Team Valor (Red), Team Mystic (Blue) or Team Instinct (Yellow). Once you’ve decided on your faction, then head to the nearest gym to take control of DC. Some popular gyms to include the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the Verizon Center and the White House. Happy battling.

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Alright, now you’re ready to dominate DC in Pokémon Go. Remember to be safe. Look up from your phone when crossing streets and walking on sidewalks, respect local businesses and be on the lookout for other trainers.