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Hey AEF supporters, 

The American Experience Foundation is proud to announce the winners of this year's scholarships. These scholarships are open to students or alumni of Washington, DC’s four Academies of Hospitality & Tourism and two Academies of Culinary Arts. These competitive awards are based upon solid academic background and a connection to the hospitality industry.


Congratulations to this year’s winners!


AEF Alumni Scholarship

Pepetua Nkem (Morgan State University)
Britney Rivera-Martinez (Cornell University)


AEF Scholarship

Jazzmen Morant (Ballou High School)
Anura Sharma (Columbia Heights Educational Campus)


David Iselin Award for Community Service

Jean-Pierre Roberts (Wilson High School)


Gregory McCarthy Award for Leadership

Tenielle Parker (Columbia Heights Educational Campus)



Cenaria Fells-Watson (Columbia Heights Educational Campus)
Yeshetuwef Mulugeta (Wilson High School)


If you are interested in supporting AEF's scholarship fund or any of our programs, please contact Lisa Waldschmitt or donate directly here.

Heidy’s Story

My name is Heidy and I’m a senior at Roosevelt S.T.A.Y. High School. In the past few weeks, I’ve already learned so many life skills. For example, I recognized the importance of keeping a budget when handling personal finances. I’ve also learned that some keys to developing a career path include making connections and personal presentation. Throughout this internship, we’ll be exposed to many leaders in the industry and I can't wait to showcase what I've learned about networking.


I know my internship with Destination DC and the American Experience Foundation will help me achieve my goals because I’ve already learned many new skills and have already made lasting professional connections. I’m looking forward to applying these skills to adulthood and my future career.

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