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Travel Status Update

Pennsylvania Avenue aerial photo in Washington, DC

Coronavirus information and FAQs about Washington, DC

Find the latest status of museums, attractions and events in and around Washington, DC during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Travel Status

On May 27, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser announced that Washington, DC will enter into Phase One reopening on Friday, May 29, of a four-stage reopening plan. Under Phase One: 

  • Gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited. To keep DC safe, physical distancing of more than six feet from people outside your household is required, and it's recommended individuals wear face coverings
  • Restaurants may serve diners outdoors only, with tables six feet apart and for groups of no larger than six. There is detailed guidance for restaurants here. Note reservations will require contact information and may be saved up to 30 days or more for contact tracing purposes.
  • Parks & Recreation:
    • OPEN: dog parks, golf courses, parks (not playgrounds), tennis courts, tracks and fields
    • CLOSED: playgrounds, public pools, recreation centers
  • National Park Service Sites, Monuments and Memorials: There is no change during this phase. However, outdoor memorials and spaces at National Mall and Memorial Parks (except for the Washington Monument, Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument, Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site and Old Post Office Tower Tour) remain accessible to the public in accordance with the latest federal, state, and local health guidance. United States Park Police remains on duty protecting the parks, and normal rules and regulations continue to apply.
  • Retail: customers may not shop indoors, curbside pickup & delivery available. Barbershops and hair salons may conduct haircuts by appointment only and stationed six feet apart. Waxing, electrolysis, threading, and nail care remain prohibited. Note hair appointments will require contact information and may be saved up to 30 days or more for contact tracing purposes.

DC Health is monitoring the coronavirus pandemic closely in DC. To understand when DC is ready to move between stages, DC Health is monitoring level of community spread (e.g., low transmission rate), healthcare system capacity (e.g., sufficient healthcare capacity without surge), testing capacity (e.g., ability to test all priority groups) and public health system capacity (e.g., sufficient contact tracing capacity for all new cases and their close contacts). If travelers exhibit symptoms and are concerned that they might have coronavirus while in Washington, DC, please call DC Health’s hotline at 844-493-2652

Read the CDC's latest travel updates.

Visitors to Washington, DC should follow the protective steps outlined by the CDC:

  • Wash hands often, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Cough into your elbow and sneeze into a tissue
  • Consult with a doctor before traveling when sick
  • Stay up to date on vaccinations
  • Avoid traveling if you are sick
  • Avoid contact with people who are already sick
  • Avoid contact with animals while traveling
  • Be aware of latest travel advisories from the CDC and the U.S. Department of State
  • Get a flu vaccine
  • Take everyday precautions to stop the spread of germs
  • Take flu antivirals if prescribed

Note: Older adults and people with underlying chronic medical conditions are at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19.



Should I travel to Washington, DC?

The health and safety of visitors to Washington, DC is Destination DC's top priority. The organization is committed to providing travelers with up-to-date information about traveling to the city. Destination DC recommends travelers follow the latest information from the CDC, noting its protective tips (above) and higher risks for older individuals and those with preexisting health conditions, and stay current on the latest updates from the DC government

How has the District of Columbia government taken steps to address coronavirus?

Muriel E. Bowser, Mayor of the District of Columbia, signed a Mayor’s Order outlining the District’s monitoring, preparation and response. DC Health and the DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency are leading the response. The organization created a new website featuring the latest DC government coronavirus information. The city announced Phase One reopening for Friday, May 28. 

What is Destination DC doing to prepare visitors and the hospitality community for coronavirus?

Destination DC is working daily in coordination with industry partners including the U.S. Travel Association, Events DC, the Hotel Association of Washington, DC, Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington and local officials in line with guidance from the CDC to communicate current information and best practices.

Have any museums, monuments, attractions or venues closed or have major festivals and events been canceled?

Please find status updates on what's open and what's been closed or canceled in and around Washington, DC. We urge visitors to confirm the status of upcoming events and major attractions before making plans to visit. 

National Mall and Memorial Parks grounds remain open, but elevator tours in the Washington Monument and other park ranger tours have been canceled until further notice. The National Park Service (NPS) Office of Public Health and the U.S. Public Health Service officers assigned to the NPS are closely monitoring the situation and keeping park staffs informed, relying on the most updated data and information from the CDC.

How are DC-area restaurants impacted?

Eateries are allowed to serve diners outdoors only, with tables six feet apart and groups of no larger than six. Many DC-area restaurants have begun converting outdoor spaces to accommodate the new standards. Diners are encouraged to wear face coverings when not eating and to avoid going out if feeling sick. Check with individual restaurants to ensure they have outdoor dining space and availability before going out to eat. Note that diners will be asked to provide their name, contact info and time of arrival to keep dining records that will be saved for at least 30 days. Takeout and delivery service remains a safe dining option. 

The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) is in constant conversation with relevant government agencies, lodging and hospitality partners and the National Restaurant Association to ensure the organization and the local dining community has the most up to date information. Read more from RAMW here.

How is Metro affected and how is it ensuring safety for its riders?

Metro has released preliminary details of a phased recovery plan, ramping up service ahead of demand based on the reopening stage. Face masks are required. View Metro’s COVID-19 status updates here. Find additional local transportation information at goDCgo.

What are airports doing to address the COVID-19 pandemic?

Reagan National and Dulles International airports remain in close coordination with federal partners at the CDC, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, TSA and state and local health departments and emergency management agencies in preparedness activities. Read more from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

What are hotels doing to ensure guest safety?

Regional hotels are implementing proactive strategies, following CDC guidelines and monitoring the information from local government agencies as they manage this issue with the wellbeing of hotel guests being of paramount concern. Find a list of hotels that are currently open

What is the status of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center?

The Walter E. Washington Convention Center (WEWCC) has been prepared to be used as a temporary alternate care site to help alleviate strain on DC’s hospital system on a month-to-month basis. In coordination with Mayor Bowser’s office, HSEMA, DC Health and Events DC, the Army Corp of Engineers oversaw the construction. Mayor Bowser has stressed that the goal is to be ready, but to not have to use the Center in this way.. Read Events DC news updates.