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Lucid Motion​

This Weekend
Daily, Now - December 1, 2019
Times Vary

Lucid Motion by Rhizomatiks Research, Daito Manabe’s newest commissioned exhibition, aims to examine human motion from various standpoints using next-level technologies and expression methods to elaborate into three unique installations. Visitors will get to engage with dance performance themed on human motion, lights and shades as they experience these through immersive installations.

“I’d like audience to experience the natural beauty of body expression, deepness, and possibilities enabled by those new technologies through these installations,” says Daito Menabe.

“An interdisciplinary digital Renaissance man”, Rhizomatiks co-founder Daito Manabe is known for his innovative approaches to the human body, programming, data, computers and other uses of arts and technology. Always future scentric, the Tokyo-based media artist and creative technologist uses programming, sound design and interaction design to develop groundbreaking production technology for major international events and art projects, from augmented reality videos for musicians to live interactive technology driven performances for dancers.

Event Location

1238 Maryland Ave. SW,
Washington, DC 20024
Southwest & The Wharf


tickets () artechouse ! com

Admission: $8-20