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Aurora: The Spirit of Northern Lights

Daily, Now - January 5, 2020
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ARTECHOUSE continues to use creativity, technology and innovation to bring seasonal storytelling to new heights. The latest in ARTECHOUSE’s series of blockbuster seasonal shows takes its inspiration from Aurora Borealis, a by-product of solar wind and a spectacular natural light display in the Earth's sky, predominantly seen in the high-latitude regions. This natural phenomenon has fascinated people for thousands of years, with hundreds of travelers flocking way up north for the elusive experience.

This season, ARTECHOUSE offers its visitors a chance to immerse themselves into the Northern Lights experience without time limits, extensive travel or winter freezing degrees.

Designed and executed by ARTECHOUSE’s in-house creative team, AURORA: The Spirit of Northern Lights is envisioned as an immersive, multi-room experience with a story to follow. Northern Lights will include (but not be limited) to these art+technology interpretations of Aurora Borealis:

●  A stylized northern forest path to the Northern lights, with shadow figures of reindeer and caribous offering interaction opportunities.

●  C02 haze enabled atmospheric installation experience combined with fabric, awaiting for the visitor to immerse themselves into this play of light.

●  A destination where visitors can get a sense of the northern lights in the distance with focus on the experience of having the power to control winter elements and conjuring “find your light” trees inspired by the northern lights.

●  And more ....

Event Location

1238 Maryland Ave. SW,
Washington, DC 20024
Southwest & The Wharf


tickets () artechouse ! com

Admission: $8-20