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August 27, 2019
7:00 PM

Born Clifton George Bailey III on April 13, 1967, in the rural parish of St. Mary, Capleton earned his future stage name from friends who were so impressed with his sharp reasoning skills that they named him after the most famous lawyer in town. From a tender young age, he was a lover of the traveling sound systems, sneaking out at night to catch the vibes until dawn. But it wasn't until he turned 18 and moved to Kingston that he was able to realize his destiny.

Capleton is known to be the hottest reggae artist in the worldwide reggae fraternity. He is a very strong performer, definitely a hard act to follow. Capleton hosts an annual festival in Jamaica called St Mary Me Come From. In June 2018 Capleton performed on Grooving in the Park in New York City and he did a US tour culminating at the Festival of Life in Chicago. From there he did the Sumfest show in Jamaica and then he toured Europe in August.

May, June and July 2017 Capleton did a two month US tour with Kings Music International that spanned the US from Hawaii to the West coast and across the country to the East coast. Capleton has a strong tour history in North America, Africa and Europe.

When Capleton dropped the tune Alms House in 1992, he established himself as more than just an entertainer. He is a messenger and a guiding light of righteousness. "United we stand and divided we fall," he sang for the benefit of his fans and dancehall comrades. "Nuff of them nah go know themself till them back against the wall." Other of his anthem songs are Lotion Man, Good So, Prophet, I-Testament, One Mission and More Fire.

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