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Everything in Existence

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Daily, Now - March 10, 2019
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Concepts of eternity and infinity are put on display at ARTECHOUSE’s newest exhibition - Everything in Existence by internationally-acclaimed Italian artist studio fuse*. Offering new perspectives to observe and consider our reality, Everything in Existence draws audience into something larger than what we already know. The “living” artworks, closely linking viewer interactions, sound, and visuals, present a striking vision of the world we live in and the ways we are connected to each other and the universe at large using interactivity, social networks and custom software.

A result of years of scientific and technological research, the exhibition features some of the artists’ most important installations from the past 10 years. Each piece aims to examine the intersections of research in science, technology, and art in an attempt to create a better view of human nature and experience. All of the works are generated by a software that processes data in real time, whether that data is derived from interaction with the viewer (“Snowfall”), from social networks (“Amygdala”), from sound (“Clepsydra”) or from the software itself (“Multiverse”).

“Everything in Existence is meant to bring people together in a new place with a new perception of reality, a different point of view and the feeling of being all part of something bigger, being part of everything that exists”, Mattia Carretti, co-founder of fuse*.

Everything in Existence is the first solo North American exhibition for the award-winning and internationally-recognized studio fuse*. Combining technological research and artistic vision, fuse* creates multimedia works that aim to inspire, push limits, and connect light, space, sound, and movement

Event Location

1238 Maryland Ave. SW,
Washington, DC 20024
Southwest Waterfront


tickets () artechouse ! com

Admission: $8-$15