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The Wiedmann Bible Unfolding on the National Mall

June 1, 2019
From: 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM

We invite you to be a part of history as we unfold the entire Wiedmann Bible on the National Mall! When completely extended, the Wiedmann Bible is nearly a mile long. Museum of the Bible is seeking 1,000 volunteers to help us with this historic first unveiling in the United States. Every participant will receive a voucher for one day’s free admission to the museum. Volunteers will participate in unfolding this unique Bible on the National Mall. Each volunteer will hold a section of the Wiedmann Bible and move forward until the entire Bible is displayed around the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. This process will then be reversed to carefully return the Bible to its container. Every volunteer will receive a voucher for one day’s free admission to the museum and an event t-shirt.

Event Location

Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool\r\n2 Lincoln Memorial Circle NW,
Washington, DC 20024
Southwest Waterfront


(866) 430-MOTB (6682) or customerservice () mbible ! org

Admission: Free


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